Whitaker Safety Standards

Safety Standards

Operating safely is our number one priority and at the heart of everything we do. Our employees work hard, each and every day, to operate as safely as possible. We set standards and policies, conduct extensive safety training with our staff and continuously monitor to make sure our standards are adhered to, through safety inspections at all of our facilities and on our jobs sites on a daily basis. Lynn McWhorter works diligently as the safety director to ensure that each and every WCC staff member complies with extensive, ongoing safety training specific to their particular role within the company.

Monitoring Safety Standards

Our Safety department conducts daily inspections of our plants, quarries and construction job sites, to ensure compliance with company safety standards and to address any issues. We work closely with government agencies OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) to ensure compliance with their standards.

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